I've discovered that the hardest part about my job is describing to people what I do for a living. Hopefully, this site will give people a better idea. I don't deny that I have it pretty good. I take the 15 foot commute to my Macintosh every morning and plant my rear end for 10 hours of working for myself. My back is killing me and I love every minute of it.

I started as a kid who liked to draw. Being the son of missionaries, we moved from the U.S. to Europe to West Africa and back to the U.S. I attended Taylor University and graduated with an art degree in 2001. Fortunately, I minored in multimedia communications, which I would eventually fall back on before I would find a career that embraced both fields.

Following college, I moved to Oklahoma, where I sold paintings while working on my first short-film with a friend. The 30-minute short was titled "Destiny's Dolls" and had more twists than a 50's prom dance. It was a learning experience. Let's leave it at that.

After Oklahoma, it was off to College Station, Texas, where I continued to sell paintings and worked part time at an affiliate of the CBS network. I was C.G. and Camera Operator for the morning and afternoon news programs. F.Y.I., news anchors are not as cool as you might think.

When I returned to my home in the Chicago suburbs, Evangelical Training Association hired me as a videographer / graphic artist. The position evolved to include responsibilites for all things multimedia. I worked there for five years, and gained a ginormous amount of experience.

My goal for this site is not to help me find work. What I really wanted was a comprehensive portfolio of all my work that I can continually update and access at any time. So basically, yeah, it's a show-off site. And if I ever really need to show something to an employer, it'll be there. I hope you enjoyed what you saw.

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