My dad took me to buy my first guitar when I was seventeen. 15 years later and I still can't read music worth squat. But I did do plenty of playing around and experimentation. I started writing my own melodies, which led to writing my own lyrics, which led to the purchase of an 8-track digital recording studio/mixer. I bought a mic, an electronic drum machine and a cheap keyboard. I recorded dozens of songs in my spare time. Many of them were recorded in my bedroom under a fort of blankets and chairs to deaden echoes.

For a decade, I contemplated putting together a demo and pursuing a record deal. I was lacking two things - a band, and more importantly, guts. However, I did eventually clean up a few of my favorite songs and put together a demo album. I gave it the name "Gazillion" and painted an album cover that reflected the mood of the music. I've posted my songs on several websites that help independent artists gain exposure. It's fun to read people's reactions and feedback.

Currently, I enjoy playing guitar for my church worship team. It's very much like being a rockstar like I dreamed, except that it's not at all.


1. Relax
2. Blackbirds
3. Letter
4. Oblivion
5. The Untitled Song
6. Midnight Ocean
7. Wait
8. The Lighthouse
9. Pimple Net

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