For as long as I've watched movies I've dreamed of being a Hollywood director. When I was young, I remember directing stories in my head as I'd fall asleep at night. I'd have the actors, script, camera angles, and even the music figured out in my head. The dream has survived through adulthood, and I am now producing an animated short film based on the character of David from the bible. Please see my blog for info.

I decided against moving to Hollywood to become a waiter. Instead I was naturally drawn to a career in the next best thing to film - videography. I made a couple shorts early on. They led to a job as a camera operator on a news program for a CBS affiliate. That job led to a position with Evangelical Training Association as a producer. That job led to more freelance positions in video production and editing.

My involvement in video continues to evolve and currently, I shoot footage and create short animations which I sell as stock footage. I also have started an online company, Creation Effects, which offers After Effects templates for motion graphics and post-production professionals. Below are some samples, as well as samples from various projects from over the years.

Creation Lens Flares Demo - 1:04
My most recent project is an After Effects template for creating realistic lens flare effects for film and video. This link takes you to the demo video which shows the lens flare effects in action.
David and the Lion Trailer - 1:18
in 2008, I envisioned an animated short film about David's battle with a lion in the wilderness - an event from the bible. This project is unfinished, and is in somewhat of a limbo currently. This link will take you to the homepage for the trailer.
Stock Footage Compilation - 3:13
Stock footage refers to generic video clips that producers can purchase for use in their video. This saves them the time, money, and hassle of shooting it themselves. I've been shooting stock in some capacity since 2003. This compilation, edited to music, represents a small portion of my portfolio.
Effects/Animations Compilation - 2:19
This is a montage of short animations as well as footage clips with considerable digital effects, most of which I sell as stock.
8mm Home Movie - 1:42
I shot this video in HD and converted it using a collection of several dozen effects that I created in After Effects to give it the old 8mm look. The effects are sold in the form of an After Effects template so buyers can plug in their own footage and receive these results.
Hawaii Vacation- 4:46
I always shoot a lot of stock footage when I travel. This video shows some of what I captured on the Big Island, edited to music.
The Day - 1:51
This is a short I made about a typical day back when I was working for ETA. I never shot footage of my day past lunchtime, so leftover morning footage became night footage. I made this out of boredom. I guarantee by the end you'll wonder "What on earth did I just watch?"
Is Christ In Our Families? - 3:44
This is a three-minute promotional video for a division of Awana Clubs International. It won a 2006 People's Choice Award as well as a First Place Judges Award for Best Spot at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention (NRB). Awana got to keep the trophy.
Boat Show Promo - 2:04
This is one of a couple promo pieces I edited for Image Base, a production house in Chicago. The purpose was to show how much publicity the NMMA's Boat Show was getting - basically to pump everyone up within the association.
The Runner - 0:50
My co-worker and I spent a morning taping myself running in the fog. The footage was to be featured in a corporate video where physical training was used as a metaphor for training church leaders. There was so much footage, I decided to make a little movie out of it. I think I'm being chased by a monster.
ClipSeeker Promo - 3:02
Long before I sold stock footage online through Microstock sites, a friend and I explored the suburbs with a video camera and the goal of starting our own online stock footage company. Back in 2004 or so, I made this promo for our business.
Train To Win! - 9:22
My co-worker and I worked together on this promo for Evangelical Training Association.
Teaching Adults With Confidence - 3:08
This is the first three minutes of ETA's two-hour video entitled Teaching Adults With Confidence, one of many videos that I made for ETA. With limited budget and resources, I was typically needed to be producer, cameraman, and editor all in one.
Missionary-In-Training Team Report - 5:32
I have produced about 20 of these team reports for Awana. In the MIT program, teens can go on short-term missions trips and bring the awana program to kids around the globe. When they return, I'm usually waiting to interview them on their experience.
Hinduism - 11:50
A co-worker and I produced a two-hour long documentary on major world religions entitled The Truth About Worldviews for ETA. This segment from the video is on Hinduism. In making this documentary, we not only learned a lot about production, but we were able to visit all kinds of temples, mosques, and other places of worship and interview people of all faiths. It was an eye-opening experience.

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